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Posted 2015-04-28 by Sean Leffler in Uncategorized

That time of the year again.

Just wanted to drop a quick note to all my current and previous students who have made the past year a big hit.


Seriously, a big thanks to all of you guys. We started off rocky and even had to cancel one class for lack of participants. Now, the room is filled to capacity and folks are signing up on a waiting list!

And now to more serious matters

We are entering THE DANGER SEASON....

Its cold.

Its dark.

And we have two big feedlot holidays coming up. Here's some hard fought advice I have learned over the years.

1. Strive to eat as healthy as you can.

For me, that means I start with a big salad, followed by steamed veggies and finally a nice big helping of protein (turkey, etc...). As I follow a primal diet, I will be skipping a lot of carbs this year compared to previous seasons. No potatoes, chips, bread, cookies, candy, etc... With 1 exception. See #6

2. Go slow.

We eat too fast. Slow it down, talk more in between forkfuls. We all know it takes some time for our bodies to register that we are full. So go slow. Here is a another good tip I picked up from Ori Hofmeckler's Warrior Diet:

Eat till you feel thirsty.

Turns out that an early sign that you are full is a mild thirst.

3. Exercise.

Go for a walk before and/or after your meals. Maybe do 10 swings between plates?!!

4. Learn to recognize Non-Scale-Victories (NSV's).

While I was doing weight watchers (life member, btw) they really hammered us on NSV'''s. So what is an NSV? Here's an example: The past month my weight has not moved 1 single pound. Frustrating? Annoying? Aggravating?

It might be, except that I whipped out the tailors tape and realized I have dropped an inch off of my belly, chest and thighs. Plus I look leaner in the mirror. I also bought some new pants that I had been holding off purchasing because I was afraid I might gain back some weight.

The result? In the past year, I went from a size 36 waist to a 32. And most of that success came after I got REALLY serious about my diet in July. W00t!

5. External Validation.

This is somewhat dicey, in that you don't want your selfworth based on what others think, but sometimes it can really help. My wife has been quite helpful in reminding me that have made some great gains. You see, it's harder for me to see the changes. Afterall, what I see in the mirror today is pretty much what I saw in the mirror yesterday. My wife helps put it in perspective.

6. Finally, enjoy yourself.

You will remember a great holiday season long after any dietary speed bumps are forgotten. The average American will put on 1-2#'s this holiday season. A good diet and some moderate exercise will burn 1-2#'s a week. So, worst case scenario, you are looking at a 1-2 week detour in your goals. Plus, as Russian Kettlebell practitioners, none of you are average.

Personally, I will be having a slice of my aunt-in-law's world famous pecan pie. It's a once a year treat that I really look forward to. Bear in mind, my goal will be just one slice (unlike previous years where I might have half a pie!)

Be well everyone, and again, thank you!


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