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aerobic conditioning?
Posted 2015-05-23 by Sean Leffler in Fitness

Hrmm, just read another article on obstacle course training.

Token mention that you should work on low intensity running to build aerobic base. Sample workout included a High Intensity Interval Training circuit with 3-6 miles of fast running with rapid bodyweight movements....

Soo... All alactic/glycolytic training... Pretty much opposite of aerobic training. Will this build your aerobic base? A tiny amount. But you will get sweaty, might puke, and feel great with all that adrenaline followed by cortisol, and that what really matters....right?

And I'm not alone in this



And mind you, im also not advocating long hours of running either. Long Duration Endurance work has some pitfalls too. Mainly, depleted liver glycogen, forcing adrenaline to metabolize fat and muscle for glucose. I enjoy a good heart rate monitored aerobic weighted ruck march. But when I start pushing 45+ minutes, I try to take a break and drink a bit of orange juice with salt to replenish my reserves.

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