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New Volumizing Routine
Posted 2015-05-25 by Sean Leffler in Kettlebells

Work has been really crazy as of late and finding time to get my training in has been difficult. 

Here's a nice solution my coach gave me. 

5mins of volume work with double kettlebells

1st attempt (last week) was done with double 24's. I used an On The Minute timing pattern to keep me going. Left to my own devices I will rest more than I should for this.

First stab yielded 29reps. Volume: 1392kg

Attempt #2 (today):

Double 16s, 46reps. Volume 1472kg

About a 5.75% increase.

I might try it with double 20's, but I suspect that I would need to push nearly as hard as the double 24s to that much volume in.

(1472kg/(2x20kg) = 37reps...Or about 7reps per minute, which was close to what I did with dbout 24s (avg or 6reps OTM)


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